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=It will turn your neighbours brains=
kiitoksia for that amazin" i-view to KARI P. "n" The Muff, ofcourse!!;p

StaL_Maniac: Well, how r u?=P
Muff, The: I"m fine thank"s for asking!

SM: One or two words "bout "Superstate". Will u realize that in Russia?
M: Well I have no idea what the label and management have planed for Russia,
I hope we would release it. But anyway we are really happy with the whole
album. It Rocks.

SM: So, any gigs for Russia?
M: Again I hope so, we had a great time last time around. And we"d love to
come back very soon.

SM: When will be your greatest show?
M: When we play the Olympic stadium in Helsinki :) but our best shows have
been the ones after Ilari joined the band...all of them. But at our last
show in Tornio we were all "IN THE ZONE"

SM: Where the perfect show place for you?
M: Acctually anywhere where there is a good growd and stage! If there is a
good vibe it"s allways a good show.

SM: When was born the last song "n" how?
M: For the album it was "Nothing But The Truth" and that was written at our
rehearsal space by Zack and me. We wrote it last minute before going into
the studio, but it"s one of my favourites. The latest song I"ve writen is
called "Giving You Up" and I hope it finds it"s way onto our next release.

SM: What event *taken by you* make you proud?
M: I have no idea!

SM: What question"ve never asked to you? Ask that yourselves.
M: How come you have"nt won the lottery?

SM: Answer for that.
M: Bad karma I guess!

SM: Why you change your bass players too often?
M: Because we had"nt found the right guy before we hooked up with Ilari,
that"s why! We needed a guy we get along with who can acctually play.
Ilari is the man!

SM: What you"ve never felt, but want feel it?
M:The feeling of reciveing a gold record!

SM: back to Russia. What you can say "bout Pietari"s gig? So, was audience strange for you?
I mean, that was gothic-fest. But I think that they enjoyed that show.
Yap, mee too xD
M: The crowd was fantastic, we had an awsome time together. The gig rocked
really hard. That"s the thing about music, it does not matter where you"re
from or who you are, music binds people together.

SM: what u think, rock"s against religion? Or Rock is religion itself.
M: Well some people think that music is a kind of religion and that"s fine by
me but I would rather rock against wars!

SM: Fashion or comfort? Will u wear skirt if it will be fashionably?
M: I don"t really follow trends, and I wear what I feel like wearing ya know.
I like my tight jeans...

SM: Do u like gifts? What can be the best gift to you?
M: I love gifts from fans and I can"t put them in any order cause if someone
saw some effort to make me something then that is super cool in my book!

SM: Are you still "right after Motley Crue"??=P or u just superstar "n" nothin? xD
M: No we"ve grown up a bit! Motley is great but I prefer Queen nowadays :)

SM: Do u like sport or extrim?
M: My work out is rocking out all the time! I jumped benji last summer, two
times in a row at a festival while being tottally pissed cause I used to
be afraid of hights, ain"t no more!

SM: So, what you lose more often: phone or conscience? "n" how many time you lost ph..)
M: The fucking phone! all the time, last time around I found it in the washer!

SM: What your think "bout charity? Did u played on charity gigs? "n" will u play again?
M: We"ve played some charity gigs in Finland. I think it"s a good thing.
If it is an impotant subject we play.

SM: in the end, tell somethin? to ur Russian fans ?n? other fans too=P
M: Get your hands on SUPERSTATE cause it will turn your neighbours brains to
shit! and you will recive supertate!

aug 2007
(c) StaL_Maniac